7229 Rice Lake Road
Duluth, MN 55803
Phone 218-721-4843

March 26 - 29, 2024 Firearm Safety Course at UNS Clubhouse (6: to 9:pm), Range Test Day Sat March 30. (10:am to 3:pm)

Members and their children will receive priority.

Contact us at unsclub@gmail.com if you are interested!


2024 Annual Ice Fishing Contest. Feb 17, 2024 from 12:30 to 3:30 on Island LAke across from UNS Clubhouse



Board and Member meetings

MEETINGS ARE HELD ON THE 1ST WED OF EA. MONTH. Watch for changes in our meeting format to include more membership participation.



PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE UPDATED THE UNS RULES. click here to read updated rules


Upcoming Events @ UNS:


2023 Fall Sight-In

 8 AM – 5 PM   Ear & Eye Protection Required

October 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st   November 1st, 2nd, 3rd


Range Officers will be on staff to help sight in your rifle.




FROM 12:30 TO 3:30

Held at Island Lake across from the UNS Club House

$5.00 donation for tickets


Past Events:

UNS 2022 68th Annual Ice Fishing Contest date is January 30. 12:30 to 3:30

ice thickness measured 15" last Friday


Sight-In Days: See Range Use Page for schedule (October & November) and

Fall Fund Raiser: 28 Gift Certificates, tickets for a $5.00 donation


Annual Board of Directors Elections: December Meeting



January 26, 2020

UNS 67th Annual Ice Fishing Contest on Island Lake


Project Appleseed Marksmanship Clinic

United Northern Sportsmen

July 20-21,2019

Project Appleseed is the sole project of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA),

a 501(c)(3) organization. Founded in 2006, Project Appleseed and its volunteers are committed to bringing traditional rifle marksmanship skills and the story of April 19, 1775, to each and every American. Our goal is to teach the skills that are truly ours alongside the story, engaging each participant in our unique American heritage and encouraging all to become active and engaged citizens.

Pre-registration cost: $60 per weekend for adult, $20 per weekend for under 18. One day events and other special events may differ. Additional nominal registration fees may apply. Range fees are not included in registration fees and are payable on-site. See event information on the website for more info, including directions and start times. Rifles and ammunition are not supplied.

for more info contact: MN State Coordinator www.appleseedinfo.org


UNS Annual Summer fishing contest in June 7 & 8, 2019

June 9: UNS School of Fish.


Kids up to age 17 are invited to join us for a lesson in fishing.



UNS Annual Sportsmen's Banquet.

Saturday April 13 @ the AAD Temple on Hwy 53

Blackwood's will be catering the event this year


UNS Annual Ice Fishing contest coming on February 17, 2019

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm Island Lake at the UNS Boat landing


Summer Picnic: August 4 was held on the UNS grounds.

All Members Welcome, Bring your kids.


Youth Field Day: August 11   (11th Annual!)

Contact: CodyPrivette@gmail.com or 218.260.2932 to register.


2018 Summer Fishing Contest:

we registered 66 fish, 19 3/4" was the largest, 2nd place was a tie: 19 1/4"

proceeds from the contest support educational efforts, youth firearm safety, camp scholarships, youth field day, and school of fish! Thank You Pat & Deb McAuliffe, contest chairs.


School of Fish: pro angler and TV show host: Mike Frisch schooled the kids on lakes, finding fish, and how to catch them. Kids also learned how to tie a fishing knot and rigging and using a slip bobber set-up. http://http://www.fishingthemidwest.com

Winter Fishing Contest January 28, 2018. 12:30 to 3:30 @ Island Lake

A few of our winners from Sunday:



UNS Winter Ice Fishing Contest

Sunday, January 22

we had enough Ice, winter has finally arrived!!

click here for pictures


August 12: Annual UNS Youth Field Day

2 lucky girls and 2 lucky boys will go home with a new gun!
Call Cody to sign up 218.260.2932 or Paul 218.590.7716



1st Place     2.75 Pike         Shane Grady, Duluth.    2nd Place     2.05 Walleye   Roy Edwards, Duluth.

3rd Place     1.78 Walleye    Doug Terry, Duluth.     4th Place    1.02 Walleye    Tom Carlson, Hermantown.

5th Place    .92 Walleye    Jerry Andler, Esko.      Youth Place   .52 Walleye    Ketty Madigan, Duluth.

Gate Prize winner:David Olson, Duluth


more pictures are on our Face Book Page, search for "United Northern Sportsmen"



2016 UNS Summer Fishing Contest:

Friday June 10 & Sat June 11

(DNR says fishing contests cannot be held on both Sat and Sun on a weekend!?)


UNS SCHOOL OF FISH: For kids 8 to 18,

SUNDAY JUNE 12, 1:00 to 3:30 pm

UNS SCHOOL OF FISH: For kids 8 to 18, UNS sponsored Mike Frisch's School of Fish to teach the younger group the art of fishing. It was a hit the last time Mike was here. Tuition is paid by UNS. Kids attending will all get a rod, reel and some tackle.  We look forward to sponsoring this event next year, too!




Appleseed event was held June 4&5.

Project Appleseed MN.

We  have had this popular riflemen's clinic and American Heritage event @ UNS in the past.
link to see video.


UNS Annual Ice Fishing contest  was Jan 24, 2016

17 Fish was the final tally.  Ten registered by adults, seven by youths.  11 Walleyes, 3 Perch, 1 Rock Bass, 1 Crappie and 1 Eel Pout

The Winning Fish were:

1st:  1.15 Walleye  Brandon Christiansen, 2nd: .65 Walleye   Mike Poissant,

3rd: .64 Walleye   Mark Hutchins,                   4th: .51 Walleye   Kari Archambeau,

5th: .50 Perch   Cory Lickiss,                    Youth 1.43 Crappie     Bryce Bodell,

Dollar Chance WInners were as follows: (even though Kevin Waino's number was selected, he relinquished the opportunity to someone else rather than recouping his awarded prize).

Buddy Heater    Alan Donais,            Ice Auger #1      Mike Morgando,

Ice Auger #2     Deb Main,        Fish House        Deb Main,

Mystery Box     Kirstin LeSage,

And the $2000 Gate Prize Award went to: Virginia Makela


UNS SCHOOL OF FISH: For kids 8 to 18, UNS sponsored Mike Frisch's School of Fish to teach the younger group the art of fishing. It was a hit the last time Mike was here. Tuition is paid by UNS. Kids attending will all get a rod, reel and some tackle.  We look forward to sponsoring this event next year, too!



The UNS SUMMER FISHING CONTEST was Friday June 5 and Sat June 6.

Every Angler catching a walleye 14" or longer gets a prize!!




Speaker for April's Membership meeting!

Guest Speaker: Mike Schrage Wildlife Biologist from the Fond du Lac Band talked about the tribes proposed elk restoration to NE Minnesota. Omashkoozoog (prairie Moose) were native to most of Minnesota at one time.  Mike spoke about the elk’s original territory, their decline and the reintroduction to Minnesota and other states.  Duane Lasley made a motion to send a letter of support for the tribe’s elk restoration proposal, 2nd by Jim Korkolo, carried.  It is suggested that we all send a letter or call the county commissioner for St Louis County to support the Fond du Lac Band’s elk restoration project.






UNS Annual Winter fishing Contest (January 25)

United Northern Sportsmen’s Club’s annual Ice Fishing Contest:  Jan 25, 2015 on Island Lake north of Duluth at UNS Headquarters. 


$2000     Gate Prize    Sander Wallace (age 6)

$1000     1st Place      Alfred Werner Jr   6 lb 4oz Catfish

$500       2nd Place     Greg Andrews  3lb Bass

$250       3rd Place    Michael Funia  

$125       4th Place   Rod Thompson 

$75         5th Place   Steve Lipinski Jr  

$50         Youth          Ryder Privette   .37 Perch  (3 year old)

Dollar Chances: Buddy Heater- Dan Petersen | Ice Auger 1-Ryan Logan | Ice Auger 2-Chris Davis | Fish House-   Christian Petersen | Mystery Box-Todd Vicirelli | Underwater Camera-Scott Ridgell 

 10 Minute Drawings: Tami Meseroll, Matt Marciniack, Don Maukay, Cassie Harten, Tara Kobus, Craig Martinson,Al Yee, Dick Geletel, R D Biddy, Anita Miller, Bernie Bonderson, Tom Herbst, Lisa Askelson, James Grady, Mark Hoyne, Steve Reynolds, Scott Hendrickson, John Marxhausen, Dennis Gagnon

Of the 44 fish that came in 27 were perch, 12 walleyes, 1 northern, 2 crappies, 1 catfish and 1 bass

(See our Facebook page for pictures, for some reason the fishing contest photos are not displaying???)

 We made some changes to our fishing contest this year including making the fishing area bigger so more fish might be caught (success!!) and having bigger 10 minutes prizes instead of going with 5 minute prizes.  We also asked Mother Nature for more favorable weather than the past few years (it worked!!).  If you have any additional suggestions, let us know. leave a msg @ 218-721-4843, we'll call you back. Or call a Board Member, see uns-duluth.com for contact numbers.

2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing2015 Ice Fishing

2015 Ice Fishing


Board meetings are held on the 1st Wed of each month and Member meetings are on the 2nd Wed of each month at @ 7pm at the UNS Club House on Island Lake.  You are welcome to attend either meeting.  UNS Members are welcome to participate at the Member meetings.


Annual UNS Sportsmen's Banquet

April 10, 2015 @ Spirit Mountain




winning Rock Bass!!!winning fish and angler!The "Event of the Year"!!

1st place fish       1# Rock Bass       Dawn Schulze - Duluth
2nd place fish     .65 Northern         Matthew Gilson - Proctor
3rd place fish      .64 Northern         Tom Porter - Duluth
4th place fish      .53 Crappie           Al Cavalline - Duluth (spelling may be off)
5th place fish      .46 Perch              Larry Berg - Duluth
Youth Fish           .30 Walleye           Makayla Pearson - age 11 Duluth

Dollar Chance Prizes - in this order
Ice Auger #1  Andrea Trader - Duluth
Ice Auger #2  Richard Andrews - Duluth
Fish House     Randy Rudd - Duluth
Mystery Box   Brandon Christiansen - Duluth
Underwater Camera  Dillon Teachworth - Duluth (young boy)
Buddy Heater  Paul Pederson - Hermantown
$3000 Gate Price- Doug Johnson 5210 Kingston St Duluth


School of Fish:

We have some openings for kids to join us on July 27 from 1-4:pm.  Kids get a free rod, lures, tackle box and more... FREE!!  Call the clubhouse (218.721.4843) to reserve a spot.  This is a fishing clinic for kids.  Join us @ Island Lake at UNS.



Prize drawing was on Nov 14 at the UNS Membership meeting.

Winners were: $250 - Shawn Jarvie. $125 - Marty Knezovich. $75 - Erin Carlson


September 6 & 7, 2012: Minnesota B.A.S.S Federation Nation Tournament of Champions.  click here for more info


August 11: UNS/MDHA Youth Day

OOPS, SORRY YOU MISSED IT.  BE SURE AND REGESTER FOR YOUTH DAY 2013 @ UNS!  More pics' as soon as I can wrestle them away from Kevin or Joe!!

Any youth, boys and girls, from 8 years of age up through 17 can participate and it’s open to everyone, need not be a member, and it’s FREE, so notify your friends.  The kids will have an opportunity to shoot the DNR’s Laser shot simulator, several different caliber of rifles, shotguns, archery, attend a seminar, learn about retrieving dogs and also have lunch.  All of this is FREE, compliments of the United Northern Sportsmen, (UNS), and the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, (MDHA).    We want and need to get more of our youth involved in the shooting sports and this is a great way to introduce them to it, or if they’re already into it, come and have fun.  We will have supervisors at each station to ensure safety, (parents/guardians should stay too.  Why not get a free lunch).  For safety reasons he kids will be divided into different groups with no more than 10 per group.  Again this year we will be giving away two .22 LR rimfire rifles and two 20 gauge shotguns, one each for the guys and one each for the gals, plus many other prizes.  The kids must be preregistered and we need to limit the number of participants to 80 for safety reasons, so get your kids signed up, and anyone else you know too.   




June 9 & 10 was the UNS summer fishing contest on Island Lake. 


2012 UNS Sportsmen's Banquet @ Spirit Mt Duluth, MN




Date: 04/28/2012 Time: 9 AM County: St. Louis Location: United Northern Sportsmen grounds
This class was an All Day Range and Field Day for students who have completed the HunterCourse.com on-line course.  The Field Day was a success.  We had 30 students, watch our web site or Facebook page for information on future field days!

More Information: Contact Kevin Stern at mnhunter@q.com.


UNS's 59th Annual Ice Fishing Contest was held on Sunday, January 29, 2012

WINNERS & Pictures:

PRIZES FOR FISH: $3000 gate prize Craig Matinson / 1st Blain Hinder (1.4 lb) / 2nd Renee Budisolovich  1.11 lb / 3rd Dave Schreck (.79 lb) / 4th Al Rudnick (.55 lb) /5th George Carroll (.31 lb) / Youth Alex Ojibway (.27 lb)

5 MINUTE WINNERS: Lonny Hounsell / Blake Stanaway / Jill Toms / Jill Anderson / Lisa Cross / Donald Solem / Ellen Martinson / Carl  Ruhanen / James Tanski / Patty Miller / Cheryl Horder / Ernest Waller / Angie McLain / Sandra Sanford / Dan Hoemke / CJ Weegman / Larry Evanson / Helen Woollett / Terry Sell / Dale Sheer / Danielle Carlson / Kyle Manning / Thomas / David Killin / Theresa Jensen /  Dan Jahr / Ryan Hlava / Matt Salo / Dick Dobbs / Judy Salo / Marlyn Lueck / Al Schenck / Randy Strom / RodneyOswald

RAFFLE TICKETS: Caden Dahl – Auger / Erik Hjelden - Aqua View / Dan Svercl – Auger / Sue Pearson - Fish House / Christine Zobitz    - Buddy Heater / Kevin Waino  - Mystery Prize

The winning fish is in this bunch!1000.00 dollar fish!2nd place winne



Jim Lemmerman made a presentation on Emerald Ash Borer. (You should have been here for it)"The Experts" keep warning us that the bugs are on their way and will kill every Ash Tree in our nation.  They are already in some areas of the Midwest. Jim's presentation was extremely interesting but ominous!!


2011 UNS Youth Day


2011 Banquet @ Spirit Mountain.

Kevin and a shotgun a lucky member won!


Guest Speakers at UNS

June's speaker

The speaker for June was Dan Weber from the USDA NRCS, Natural Resources Conservation Service, he talked about being a good steward to your forested land and the different programs available.  This was good information for hunters on how to manage their property for wildlife.

 April's speaker

Shawn Johnson, President of MN Trappers Assoc was our speaker. He talked about trapping and trapping ethics.  If you missed this one, you missed a lot, we learned quite a bit about trapping. 

PolyMet Mining

Guest speaker for February 12 was Paul Brunfelt, Division Plant Manager, for PolyMet Mining Company.  PolyMet will be mining copper, nickel, cobalt, gold and Platinum & palladium  in the former LTV mine near Hoyt Lakes.  This operation will bring 400+ jobs to the area! If you would like the PowerPoint Paul presented, email me @ gonefishing101@live.com.



GUEST SPEAKER for November's Member Meeting was Nancy McReady, President of Conservationists With Common Sense CWCS fights for our right to continue to use motors in some of the lakes in the BWCA.  CWCS is fighting for our right to multiple use in the BWCA.  www.cwcs.org

CWCS supports:

  1. Reasonable access to and sensible recreational multiple-use of public lands and waters.
  2. The use of common sense.
  3. Continued multiple uses of our National Forests and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
  4. Caring for our natural environment.
  5. Being environmentally, economically and socially responsible.


59th Annual United Northern Sportsmen Ice Fishing Contest: January 30, 2011

Silent Auction items - 2 'used' ice augers - one sold for $125, the other for $145
Raffle tickets - 9 x 12 fish house won by Keifer Olson
                   - Ice Auger won by Paul Olson
Yes - they are related (father and son)
1st Place Fish : John Risberg        3.21 Walleye
2nd Place Fish : Ethan Fisher        2.99 Northern
3rd Place Fish :  Matt Baer            1.43 Northern
4th Place Fish :  Steve Lipinski Jr  1.00 Northern
5th Place Fish :  John Adamic       .87 Walleye
Youth Fish     :  Nick Risberg        .45 Walleye
Gate Prize of $3000 went to Todd Grimm (sold by Dan Woollett)
Steve Carlson, Mike Fumia, John Rathe, David Grimm, Fred Freeman, Ed Thamm, Sue Hansen, Barney Rivieie Cy Davey, Steve Reno, Bob Lampert, Patty Miller, John Clark, David Shaw, Anthony Setter, Mike Stick, Bob Sanford, Dan Wilczek, Joel Holte, Suzanne Zellar, James Paulus, Jack Blanchard, O. Fladmark, Len Lund, Kirk Fellbaun, Becka Kopp, Angel Potnam, Bill Lewis, Les Wiliams, Joe Stanaway, John Gavitt, Charles Roebke, Heather Bernard, Sondra Kobus


 click here for: **Past Events: in case you missed them!**