VOLUME 53                    FEBRUARY 2008                    NUMBER 2                    $9.00


Annual Awards Banquet


Bert Cieluch and Sandy Roberts have graciously, once again, accepted the co-chair of our Annual Banquet.  Folks, you would not believe all of the work that goes into that job.  If it wasn't for these two people I don't think this event would show a profit and it is now one of our biggest money-makers.  This event should probably be labeled "Youth and Education Banquet" because a large portion of the proceeds are earmarked just for, and only for, the purpose of educating our youths.  Whether it be sending youths to Long Lake Conservation Camp or putting on a Youth Field Day the funds for these events comes from the banquet and is a "no charge" event for the kids.  Therefore you can see how important this event is. 
 I am told that this years event will be held at the Lakeview Castle on the North Shore of Lake Superior and will be on April 11th.  Please mark your calendars and bring a friend.  Tickets will be available around the 1st of March and the menu will be posted in the next newsletter.  We have some choices but the information still has to be voted on by the board. 


Summer Fishing Contest


As long as you have that calendar out to mark the date for the banquet, you might as well mark June 14th and 15th also.  These are the dates of this years Annual Walleye Fishing Contest.  Any walleye registered over 13" (subj. to change) will be guaranteed a prize.  So remember: mark that calendar! More to follow later.








Club Calendar


Feb. 13...........UNS Membership Meeting
  Sportsmen's Retreat
  7:00 PM


Feb. 14...........Happy Valentines Day!


Mar. 1............Crow season (1st season) opens


  Spring light goose season


Mar. 23..........Happy Easter


Mar. 31..........Crow season ends


Apr. 2.............UNS Board Meeting
  Sportsmen's Retreat
  Pot Luck 6:00 PM
  Meeting 7:00 PM
  Work party prior to


Apr. 9.............UNS Membership Meeting
  Sportsmen's Retreat
  Pot Luck 6:00 PM
  Meeting 7:00 PM
  Work party prior to


Club Notes
 Meeting called to Order by Pres. Joe Roberts.
Board Members Present: Joe Roberts, Sandy Roberts, Cindy Craig, Barb Weiss, Kevin Stern, Bob Curtis, Chuck Cieluch, Ken Norenberg, Howard Tullgren, Terry Larson, Jim Kurtz, Kevin Waino, Eric Hansen
Installation of Officers Sandy Roberts led the Installation of New Officers for year 2008.  President Joe Roberts asked the new 2008 board members to come forward and be sworn in.
New Board Members Present: Joe Roberts, Sandy Roberts, Ashley Craig, Cindy Craig, Kevin Stern, Eric Hansen,  Bob Curtis, Chuck Cieluch, Ken Norenberg, Howard Tullgren, Jim Kurtz, Kevin Waino, Mark Wiarda, Mike Drager, Mike Foy, Jim Jensen
Secretary's Report:  Motion was made by Sandy Roberts to accept the Sec. Report, 2nd by Jim Kurtz, carried.
Treasurer's Report:  Checkbook balance is $ 18,007.32, savings acct balance is $9.85 and money market acct balance is $10,161.32 with total available funds of $ 28.178.49.  Motion was made by Howard Tullgren to accept the treasurer's report and pay the bills, 2nd by Jim Kurtz, carried.
Membership Secretary: Current membership total is 1574




Committee Reports:
   Retreat Improvements Snow blower was used and is working fine.  Joe Roberts did some plowing.  Trailer is on the lake side and is ready to be leveled and cleaned out.  Bob is coordinating heat tank overlap so that we don't run out of heat in trailer.  Ice conditions approx. 10" think with about 1" water on top.
   Ice Fishing Contest Approx. $4,000 in ticket sales turned in so far.  Anyone in need of additional tickets can contact Cindy Craig.  Sandy Roberts and Bert Cieluch will handle ticket money during event.  Ashley and Cindy Craig have volunteered to help with concessions.  Snow Plowing is being coordinated by Chuck Ceiluch.  Eric Hansen added Ice Fishing Contest to website photos will be added later.  Advertising is in place posters distributed at meeting.  Without an M/C volunteer, Joe Roberts has contacted Paul Hartness from KDNW and he has agreed to come be our M/C for this event.  Anyone who can collect a donation, please do so as UNS gives out a prize every five minutes of the ice contest, valued at $10 or more.  Mark Wiarda will bring up wheelers from RJ's.


Old Business:
   KCPRO Ice Racing Joe Roberts read the letter from attorney Ken Butler regarding the liability waiver for their racing event on Sunday January 19th.
   Grant Proposal Mike Drager reported that the DNR requires matching funds on any grant and grants are restricted to range improvements only.


*Coffee Break*
New Business
   Books need auditing Both Treasurer and Membership books need to be audited. Ken Norenberg, Jim Jensen, and Mike Foy volunteered to meet with Sandy Roberts, Barb Weiss, and Cindy Craig to review books.
   UNS Insurance Policy Discussed updating UNS's insurance policy - currently held with Dwight Swanstrom Spirit Valley Agency.  Concerns about current coverage, additional event pricing, and that our insurance agency has never visited our property.  Chuck Cieluch will contact Mr. Brisky at Dwight Swanstrom insurance agency.
   April Banquet Sandy Roberts and Bert Cieluch will co-chair the Spring Banquet.  Date to be decided.  Volunteers will be needed.
   New Board Member's Keys Joe Roberts will provide keys to the new board members at next meeting. 


Sick/Distressed Ted Johnson had surgery card was sent.
Attendance Drawing - $20 Jan Polechek
Progressive Drawing - $70 Anita Miller, not in attendance to win
Motion to Adjourn:  Motion made by Howard Tullgren to adjourn the meeting at 8:07, 2nd by Kevin Stern, carried.


55th Annual Ice Fishing Contest


This years Ice Fishing contest was one of the best we've had in years.  We couldn't have asked for better weather and things went off with only a few problems.  The ice conditions were perfect, the sun was shining and there was very little, if any, wind.  Yes, it was just perfect for the 1,000 or so folks who had a great time enjoying a spring day in January.  I would like to thank the many members who helped make the event another successful one and a special Thank You to Paul Harkness, our Master of Ceremonies for the event.
Fishing was good also.  Just ask John Gavitt who registered a 8.37# Northern that won him $1,000!  2nd Place wnet to Josh Fell (.94), 3rd to Noah Jahr (.94), 4th Michael Beck (.88) and 5th place Alan Lane (.74).  The Youth Class was won by Josh Adams (.58).  The five minute drawing winners were: Jeremy Peterson, Ken Miller, Nicole Mentel, George Couture, Matrin Tahja, Bert Cieluch, Jack Cedergren, Tom Allen, Kelly Walburg, Deb McCormick, Jan Lappy, Luke Barron, Mark Johnson, Jason Vinge, Wayne Elmer, Ken Miller, Jom Roebeke, Sandy Roberts, Jamie Pauna, Rick Reno, George Johnson, Loren Mesdahl, Sam Peters, Stuart Swanstrom, Beatrice make, Tammy Mau, Nick Gardner, John Tanski, Donald Anfderson, Keith Olson, Erick Miller, John Bodorinitz, Bill Stafford, Keith Preston, Steve Helmer, Dave Gunnarson and Fred Curtis.  Planning has already started to make next years event even bigger and better.




Retreat maintenance


Bob Curtis, our Retreat Maintenance Supervisor, is gearing up for the upcoming summer.  Bob spends hours upon hours sprucing up the grounds and fixing broken equipment.  If you find something broken when you get to the retreat chances are that the next time you're there it has been fixed.  That is thanks to Bob.  However, he can't do all of this work himself and would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give him.  He's not there every day (although sometimes it seems like it) so if you have some free time why not give him a call and see if he will be there that day.  If nothing else stop by and have a cup of coffee with him.  We all know he likes his coffee.  In a few weeks we will all be busy up there.  We have some docks to repair and remodel, fire rings to put out, picnic tables to place, camp host building to air out and get ready and a number of other things.  That is when any and all help will be greatly appreciated also.  Thanks again, and Bob thanks you.






Insurance Agent at Board Meeting


Greg Briski, our insurance agent from Dwight Swanstrom Agency, has agreed to come to our board meeting and give us an overview on our policy.  We realize the cost of everything is going up but we want to "fine tune" our policy.  We want to make sure that we have enough coverage where we need it and not an over amount where we don't need it.  We don't anticipate any major changes but there may be a few minor ones.  We will keep the membership posted as to any changes.


Remember: You get $1 off next years dues for every member you sign up so remember to sign the bottom of your membership application.